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Horse Riding Safaris

Are you a proficient ride? Book horseback safari to enjoy a superb wildlife in the Okavango Delta


Mobile Safaris

Experience different destinations in a 4 X 4 safari vehicle with a professional guide staying with you the entire trip


Fly-In Safaris

Access your travel destinations quickly and efficiently on a light aircraft and gain an aerial overview of the landscape you will explore on the ground


Lodge Safaris

Book your safari in one of the best luxurious lodges situated in the private concessions of Okavango Delta and experience the exclusivity as well as personalized safari activities


Camping Safaris

Experience extraordinary wilderness of different destinations in Botswana by participating on a camping safari. spend nights in dome tents and get close to nature and Africa’s magnificent wildlife


Self-Drive Safaris

Embark on a self-drive safari and explore Botswana at the comfort of your own pace, traverse through this wild and unspoilt land. Drive yourself on a 4 X 4 vehicle and you will undoubtedly have one of the Africa’s most intimate safari experience


Walking Safaris

Enjoy Botswana’s most pristine places on foot where you embark on walking safaris escorted by guides and explore areas with no roads. Get to learn animal tracking and listen to birds. You get a completely different perspective when on foot, seeing many of the smaller things that you cannot easily pick out from a vehicle


Balloon Safaris

The experience of a balloon safari is one of Africa’s great wilderness destinations, epitomizes the very best of game viewing, flying over the landscape flooded with water and winding channels, dotted with island and combined with large expanses of woodland forests. Explore the Okavango Delta in a completely unique way offering a 360 dree panoramic view from tree top level to a thousand feet in the air